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Welcome to my blog: while we journey together with grief along a path from healing to hope!

I am Sonja R Camden. It is wonderful to meet you virtually. I hold both a Bachelor and Masters of Science in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington. Yet, prior to my education, life introduced challenges along the journey. Having been the parent of a son diagnosed at birth with multiple profound disabilities, I was inspired to begin my career within the Texas based Garland Independent School District as a Special Education Aide, and ultimately as a Texas business entrepreneur. As a Program Coordinator, and then with the incorporation of two businesses both in Texas and Wisconsin that provide employment rehabilitation services for those with disabilities, my passion since 2007 has been dynamic and personally fulfilling. As a result of the last several years and the global pandemic, I began to feel inspired to further my continued education. Therefore I sought out a certified grief life coaching program that would allow me to do online classes. The program through the Institute of Professional Grief Coaching provided exactly what I was seeking; certification as a Grief Life Coach through an ICF accredited training program. The charity was incorporated as Mourning Joy, with state and federal approval completed by December 8, 2021. I understand grief in a most deep way due to the loss of my biological mother at age seven, and my son with disabilities in 2012.  In addition to having a strong faith devotion and being the mother of four beautiful children, and six grandchildren, my hobbies include reading, music from a variety of genres, but most especially gospel, watching documentaries, traveling, and spending time with family and friends whether in person or virtual since the pandemic. You can learn more about me and the charity I founded at

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